Sun Valley Music Festival administration and production staff


Derek Dean, Executive Director
Kim Gasenica, Education Director
Deanna Harned, Artistic Planning Director
Carol O’Loughlin, Development Director
R.L. Rowsey, Operations Director
Elizabeth Brent-Maldonado, Asst. to the Artistic Planning Director and Artist Liaison
Stacie Brew, Finance Manager
Sabrina DeBree, Office Manager
Anyela De la Cruz, Development Assistant
Stephanie Guzman, Education Program Coordinator
Cyndy King, Marketing Coordinator
Jeanne Liston, Head of Donor Care
Dawn Madole, Artist Support Manager
Marcia Mode-Stavros, Housing Coordinator
Linsey Nicholson, Development Manager
Kris Olenick, Administrative Coordinator
Ellen Pesavento, Orchestra Personnel Manager
Ceci Vasquez, Education Assistant

Music Institute

Year-Round Programs
Joel Bejot, Accompanist, Vocal Ensemble Coach
Angela Ezeonyeka, Piano Instructor, Piano Department Head
Matt Grady, Percussion, Remote Instructor
Patrick Herb, Trombone Instructor
Melanie Keller Flute, Remote Instructor
Rudy Kremer, Violin-Viola Instructor
John Mauldin, Voice Instructor, Voice Department Head
Melodie Mauldin, Developmental Voice Instructor
Lisa Pettit, Accompanist
Ellen Sanders, Cello-Bass Instructor, String Department Head
Rodney Zuroeveste, Saxophone, Remote Instructor

Summer Programs
Kyla Davidson. Advanced Chamber Music Program Coordinator
Dave Johnson. Grades 2-12 Artistic Director
John Mauldin, Residence Hall Manager
Kalie Mauldin, Residence Hall Night Manager
Sophie Petroski, Site Coordinator
Bronwyn Reagan, Production Coordinator
Janis Walton, Residence Hall Catering Manager

Summer Season Support

Festival Production Team
Jack Beuttler, Production Director
Kelsey Araghi, Assistant Production Manager
Joshua Badura, Audio Engineer
Jon Bonine, Piano Technician
Dave Butler, Camera Operator
Myles Deffe, Video Shader
Bill Evans, Camera Operator
Ed Fogarty, Sound Technician
Paul Greitzer, Orchestra Librarian
Bridget Kinneary, Video Cues
Jon Kochavi, Program Annotator
Maxwell Langston, Video Technician
Scott Langston, Video Director
Sydney Langston, Video Technician
Brian Mohr, Sound Designer
Ben Parker, Camera Operator
John Plummer, Video Crew Manager
David Robertson, Lighting Director
Kevin Sweetser, Head of Sound
Ernie Trevino, Stage Manager
Keegan Webber, Master Electrician

Sun Valley Pavilion Production Team
Juliana Hedges, Stagehand
Aaron Noble, Lead Event Technician
Gavyn Powers, Technical Director
Anthony Schneider, Entertainment Manager
Joel Townshend, Event Technician
Salem Turner, Stagehand

Operations Support
Elizabeth Dahlen, Donor Relations Intern
Spencer Day, Marketing and Sales Assistant
Kristen Diederichs, Seating Coordinator
John Evans, Concert Services Manager
Jenn Johnson, Donor Concierge
Bridget Kinneary, Administration/Development Summer Assistant
Deliz Munoz, Administration/Development Summer Assistant
Ann Scales, Front of House Manager
Dexter Stanley-Tauvao, Summer Assistant to the Operations Director