Watching online broadcasts

Some concerts and events are broadcast on the Festival website or archived for on-demand viewing. View individual concert pages for broadcast availability. All broadcasts and video archives are free, available at

Watch from the Festival website

Watch from the Festival YouTube channel

The Sun Valley Music Festival’s YouTube channel is located at Learn more about finding the broadcasts on YouTube below.

Tips for online viewing

  • What you’ll need: a device that can connect to the internet, with speakers or earphones.
  • Close programs or apps on other devices in the home—including tablets, smart TV’s, or other computers—so they don’t drain internet speeds and slow the broadcast (tip: if your video’s sound isn’t syncing with the audio, your internet speeds are likely too slow).
  • Join early at 6:15 PM (MT) to ensure you can connect.
  • Check speaker or headphone connections and make sure the volume is turned up enough to hear.
  • Consider connecting your computer to a TV or large screen, as well as external speakers, to enjoy the video and sound. More tips on how to do this are listed in the section below.

Looking for the best broadcast experience? Watch from the Festival’s website or YouTube channel on your TV. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure the YouTube app is installed
  2. If it is not, find where to add new apps on your smart TV, search for YouTube, and select the app to add it.
  3. Then, open the app and search for Sun Valley Music Festival.

Use a smart TV YouTube app to find the concerts


Don’t have a smart TV? There are many devices you can add to your home entertainment system that enable you to get the concert broadcasts on your TV. 

Option #1: Add a Roku device

These small, inexpensive devices plug into the back of your TV. They are easy to install and once plugged in and connected to the internet they turn your regular TV into a smart TV. Install the YouTube app, search for Sun Valley Music Festival, and you’re good to go! Click here to learn more.

Use YouTube on Roku to find the concerts

Option #2

Other streaming devices work similarly to Roku and install in similar ways, including Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Google Chromecast.


Plugging in an HDMI cable from your computer or laptop to your TV will display your computer’s screen (with audio) on your TV. Once connected, use your internet browser to find the concert on the Festival’s website or YouTube channel.

Note: your computer may not automatically detect your TV display once connected. If so, adjust your computer’s “Display” settings, under “Settings” then “System” (“Apple Menu,” “System Preferences,” then “Displays” on Mac).

Plug your computer into your TV with an HDMI cable


Need help connecting to the broadcasts?

If you need help configuring your computer, streaming services, or TV to watch the broadcasts, contact a local home theater and installation or computer service company to help get you set up and ready in time for the concerts.

If you are having technical difficulties, contact the Festival office, available Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM (MT)-5:00 PM (MT), at [email protected] or 208.622.5607.