Music education

Sun Valley Music Festival Music Institute, inspiring the next generation of music lovers

The Festival is known for delivering outstanding summer performances for nearly 40 years. Along the way, the Festival’s Music Institute has inspired, engaged, and taught music to children and young adults to help them integrate classical music into their lives. Through year-round programs, string, piano, and voice students of all abilities—elementary through high school—can participate in musical training that goes beyond the fundamentals and embraces the entire musician. Blaine County School District students, and those from area independent schools, are eligible to participate.

As participants in the Institute’s summer programs, students at all levels—second graders to advanced college undergraduates—interact with Festival musicians, guest artists, and fellow students who share their passion for classical music. Students travel from across the country to hone their skills, develop their artistic sensibilities, and make music (and new friends) in a spectacular environment.