Concert at the Pavilion

This summer, all new and increased gift amounts up to $1,250 will be matched, thanks to a generous donor.

Summer 2021 matching gift opportunity!


Gift Amount Matching Ratio
$1 – $150 3:1
$151 – $350 2:1
$351 – $1,250 1:1


How Does It Work?

Your matching opportunity begins this summer on July 26 and ends August 19, 2021. Examples:

  • You give your first ever gift of $100. The anonymous donor
    matches it 3:1 with $300, and the Festival receives $400!
  • You gave $250 last year and this Summer Season you give $350.
    Your increased gift is $100, which the donor matches 2:1 for
    $200. The Festival receives $550 total!
  • You return as a donor of $1,000 after an absence of 3 years.
    The anonymous donor will match your gift and the Festival
    receives $2,000!

Multiply your gift for even more impact this Summer Season. Click here to donate now and participate.

Thank you for supporting free concerts and music education programs in the Wood River Valley. Your donation keeps the music free for everyone!