Sun Valley Music Festival 2023 Summer Season reviewed in Classical Voice North America

Writer Thomas May from Classical Voice North America, an online journal of the Music Critics Association of North America, attended several of the Festival’s 2023 Summer Season performances. His review, entitled “In A Sunny Vale Where Hemingway Sheltered, Free Concerts Resound,” was published August 30, 2023. Here’s an excerpt: 

“It seems implausible that the conductor and musicians would not be influenced by the natural beauty of the place — Baldy’s grand presence, the vibrant wildflowers, the infinite skies. Simply playing from the Pavilion stage, they command a view of aspens and cottonwoods backed by the grandeur of mountain outlines. Last year, Neale programmed Strauss’s An Alpine Symphony. “In a sense,” he told me, “the audience will have already heard a preview that afternoon from the surroundings if they’ve gone for a hike in the area, though that may be minus the thunderstorm.”

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