Cellist performing

Announcing the next Festival @ Home concert, featuring a cello masterpiece by Bach

Explore the grandeur, complexity, and lively harmonies within one of classical music’s most iconic and profound works, Bach’s Sixth Cello Suite, for the next Festival @ Home performance. Although Bach’s suites are now considered by many to be the most significant works in the solo cello repertoire, they languished in quiet obscurity for over 150 years. In 1890, cello virtuoso Pablo Casals discovered tattered copies of the suites at a second-hand shop in Barcelona. His appreciation for them grew as he studied them, leading to his seminal audio recordings in 1936, which paved the way for their current fame.

Tune in for the premiere on Tuesday, March 16 at 6:30 PM MT (or on demand for 48 hours afterward) to hear this eminent piece for solo cello, performed by Sun Valley favorite, Principal Cello Amos Yang. This is an all-new performance, available online only, recorded for the Festival last summer at the beautiful Kohl Mansion near San Francisco, CA.

Where to watch

On the Festival website: svmusicfestival.org/event/festival-home-san-francisco
On YouTube: youtube.com/c/SunValleyMusicFestival
On Facebook: facebook.com/SunValleyMusicFestival

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