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Prelude Orchestra, Grades 2-12

Monday, July 27, 2020 to Saturday, August 8, 2020, 6:30 PM MDT

This summer, students participating in the Festival’s Music Institute, July 27-August 8, safely recorded some of their work to share in online broadcasts. Enjoy the following Prelude Orchestra Recital, featuring students of all ability levels in grades 2-12.

 Gioachino Rossini

William Tell Overture
arr. Robert Frost and Mary Elledge

Emilia Leon-Marino, Arthur Brigode, and Kaia Salix, violin
Elise Jacobs, cello
Marie Hynes, piano
Debbie Hynes, coach


Andrew Lloyd Webber

Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera
arr. Frank M. Rodgers

Charlotte Tillotson and Hannah Mae Williamson, violin
Bee Conway and Blakeslee Davis-Jeffers, cellos
Marie Hynes, piano
Elyse Hale, coach


Frank M. Rodgers

Batman Meets Bowman

Felix Wilson, Angel Cunyas, and Dashiell Kolar, violin
James Christensen, viola
Decker Sinnamon, cello
Marie Hynes, piano
Andrea Hynes, coach


Joseph Compello

Pierrot’s Bon Voyage

Prelude Orchestra
Debbie Hynes, conductor
Say Jay Hynes, narrator


Richard Meyer


Prelude Orchestra
Debbie Hynes, conductor

Prelude Orchestra

Arthur Brigode
Dashiell Kolar
Emilia Leon-Marino
Kaia Salix
Hannah Maye Williamson
Felix Wilson
Angel Cunyas
Elise Jacobs
Charlotte Tillotson

James Christensen

Bee Conway
Blakeslee Davis-Jeffers
Decker Sinnamon

Debbie Hynes

Marie Hynes

Elyse Hale
Andrea Hynes
Jacob Hynes
Rachel Hynes
Sarah “Say Jay” Hynes