Advertising specifications and design

Festival advertising helps keep the concerts and music education programs admission-free. Information on design services for advertisers and specifications for your ad artwork are listed below. Please submit artwork and advertising inquiries to Operations Director R.L. Rowsey ([email protected]) before May 17 for this summer’s publication.

Design specifications

Please use the specifications below to create artwork for your advertisement. If your ad does not comply with these specifications, you will be contacted to correct and resubmit your artwork to ensure it meets quality standards for the Festival’s program book. Design services are also available if you need help (see the next section on this page for details). If you have any design questions, please contact Operations Director R.L. Rowsey at [email protected].

  • CMYK (no RGB)
  • Rich black: 60 C; 40 M; 30 Y; 100 K
  • Resolution: 300 dpi.; 100% scale
  • Format: .pdf, .tiff, .jpg, .eps, or .ai
  • Text: embed/outline fonts
  • Trim: 5.75” x 8.63”
  • Bleed: 6” x 8.88” (1/8”)
  • Safe area: 5” x 7.88”
  • Trim: 11.5” x 8.63”
  • Bleed: 11.75” x 8.88” (1/8”)
  • Safe area: 10.75” x 7.88”
  • Gutter (span across binding in center): .75”

Design services

Advertising should be easy and effective. The Festival has contracted local design firm Nimbus Creative Group to help advertisers who don’t have an in-house design team. Nimbus is prepared to work with you to create your ad and submit it to print for you this year. If you would like assistance, here’s how it works:

  1. Select the design service option in the ad reservation form (the form is available at the bottom of this page if you need it). Please upload any design elements you would like used in your ad (logos, photos, etc.) in the form’s design services section. You will pay the Festival for design services at the same time you pay for your advertising space.
  2. Nimbus Creative Group will contact you to schedule a phone consultation to begin designing your ad to your needs.
  3. You will receive ad artwork proofs from Nimbus Creative Group, and they will work with you on revisions until the layout is just right. (Design services cover a maximum of three rounds of proofing/revisions; additional proofs may result in additional fees.)
  4. Once you approve your artwork, Nimbus Creative group will submit your press-ready advertisement to the Festival to be published.

Design Service Cost

Includes design consultation, proofing, 3-4 hours of design time, and submission of ad for publication.

Includes design consultation, proofing, 4-5 hours of design time, and submission of ad for publication.

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Space is limited; reserve your ad space by April 12, 2024.

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