Your concert experience

Whether enjoying a summer performance at the Sun Valley Pavilion or a winter concert at the Argyros Performing Arts Center, each distinct season is an experience all its own—admission free of course! Toggle the summer and winter buttons below to learn how to attend concerts in person for either season.

Choose your seating location

pavilion seating

The open-air Pavilion offers direct lines of sight to the stage and an unamplified, acoustic experience. Donors of $3,000 or more may reserve seats in advance, but free seats are always available to the public, beginning one hour before the concert. Line up for these (in the shade, by the bar, with chairs to ease the wait) on the East Terrace. If the line looks long, don’t give up! Unclaimed, reserved seats are released by 6:15 PM.

Bars open at 5:30 PM (one hour before the concert). Feel free to take your drink and snack to your seat, but please no outside food or beverages, glass containers, or coolers (or anything that might block an aisle or row).

Please do not take any photographs or record audio or video during the performance.

lawn seating

Relax with friends as the sun sets, enjoy a picnic, and listen to beautiful music through a state-of-the-art sound system while watching the action on a 14×25-foot LED screen. The lawn experience accommodates all listening styles: serious aficionados tend to sit up front, picnickers congregate everywhere, and families with active children and dogs have room in the back.

Come early and reserve the perfect spot with a blanket (no tarps, please—not good for the grass). Or arrive just in time and make new friends as you find an empty spot.

  • The Welcome Center and Store (to the left of the main Pavilion entrance) sells blankets, chairs, water bottles, and anything else you might need to help you make the most of your lawn experience. All proceeds benefit the Festival’s education programs.
  • Only low-backed lawn chairs are permitted on most areas of the lawn. If a basketball could fit under your chair, it is too tall and could obstruct others’ views. Taller chairs may be placed around the periphery of the lawn. If you have questions about appropriate use of your chairs, please see one of our Concert Services members or Lawn Ambassadors.
  • Restrooms are located at the back of the lawn.
  • If your dog has plenty of energy, please consider sitting along the perimeter of the lawn to ensure everyone has a good experience.
  • Please keep all electronic devices quiet. Drones are prohibited on Sun Valley Resort property.
  • Help keep the lawn green—please recycle and throw away your trash and save or return your program book.

Attending winter concerts

Additional events

violinists teaching students

Classroom teaching

All musicians and guest artists will work with students throughout the week.

A unique concert experience

seating in venue

The Festival offers a unique, more intimate environment for enjoying music during its Winter Season at the Argyros. Here’s what to expect:

  • Reserved seating: You will select your seating location when you make your reservations. There will be plenty of space to spread out and still have great views of the stage from just about anywhere.
  • Distinct atmosphere: As with past winter concerts, these performances will have a seating configuration and ambience all their own—arranged to create a unique relationship between the audience, the artists, and the music.
  • Mingle with musicians: A nontraditional stage setup situates musicians among audience members. See and hear the music up close, and then chat with the musicians during breaks.

audio technician working

The Argyros is equipped with a Meyer Constellation Sound System. This technology allows the Festival to change the acoustics to match the needs of the repertoire. With the push of a button, the sound can change from the echo-ey reverberations of a stone cathedral to the warm intimacy of a softly furnished salon. During rehearsals, Festival guest artists, musicians, and sound technicians work together to dial in exactly the right acoustics to create the desired sonic clarity, warmth, and resonance for each piece.

audience ordering food

With just one opportunity to perform for you during the winter, the Festival offers a longer program with more music, including:

  • three acts, each around 30 minutes;
  • two 15-minute intermissions; and
  • wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages available to purchase in the lobby before and during the performances.

As seating capacity is limited to less than 225, the Festival will repeat the program for each of the four performances, allowing as many patrons as possible to attend (for free, of course).