Accommodations & dining

All Festival concerts begin at 6:30 PM, in part so concertgoers can make their 8:00 PM dinner reservation! If you want to dine during the show, check out the lawn. Pavilion audiences are welcome to enjoy a light snack and a beverage purchased at the Resort bars during the concert.

During the show

The Sun Valley Resort operates three bars before each concert: On the West Terrace by the Main Entrance, on the East Terrace, and at the Paver Bar on the lawn. Guests are welcome to bring drinks and light snacks to their seats in the Pavilion.

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Picnicking at a summer concert is a Sun Valley tradition! Make your own, or ask one of the local eateries to prepare a gourmet basket for you. Please make sure you pack out your trash to help keep the lawn green and beautiful for the next concert.

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Before and after

“The New York Times once said, “you haven’t really experienced Idaho until you’ve participated in at least one bizarre or grueling physical activity.” With that kind of ethos running through our veins, we wouldn’t let you rest your bones on anything but the most perfectly appointed pillow. From Sun Valley’s iconic Lodge to Ketchum’s downtown hotels to a sky-peeping yurt, we have a mix of accommodations that will suit your taste and traveling style.”

– Visit Sun Valley

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“Your locals don’t end up being acclaimed as a ‘genetic experiment gone terribly right’ without seriously good sustenance. Local, organic and sustainable are spoken here where chefs bring their creativity to the table. You’ll find fondue at 8,000 feet, sushi, big steaks, meatless Asian fusion tapas, your first football-size Idaho potato, right on down to let’s-break-some-rules-because-I’m-on-vacation dinners deserving of the name Decadent. Whether you’re looking for a post-workout lunch, pre-theater dinner, or wee-hour nightcap where Ernest Hemingway downed a few in his day, the valley’s more than 50 restaurants and nightlife locales will fuel your system and fire up your adventures.”

– Visit Sun Valley

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